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The Activities Director at Novato High is Stephanie Searle ([email protected])

Upcoming Events

2018 Senior Shirt
2018 Senior Shirt2018 Senior Shirt
2019 Junior Shirt
2019 Junior Shirt2019 Junior Shirt

ASB Cabinet & Committee Heads

  • ASB President – Marissa Raras
  • ASB Vice President – Molly Gibbons
  • ASB Activities Commissioner – McKenzie Wegner
  • ASB Financial Director – Jack Ardzrooni
  • ASB Secretary – Hattie Bleeker
  • ASB Athletics Coordinator – Loralie Curtis
  • ASB Outreach Coordinator – Simone Peretz
  • ASB Spirit & Rallies Coordinator – Hayley Johnson
  • ASB Staff Appreciation Coordinator – Reilly Agmon

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More information about ASB/Student Leadership

Activities support the academic mission of schools:
They are not a diversion, but rather an extension of a good education program. Students who participate in activity programs tend tohave higher grade-point averages, better attendance records, lower dropout rates and fewer discipline problems than students generally.

Activities are inherently educational:
Activity programs provide valuable lessons for many practical situations. Through participation in activity programs, students learn teamwork,sportsmanship, winning and losing, the rewards of hard work, self-discipline, build self confidence, and develop skills to handle competitive situations.These are qualities the public expects schools to produce in students so they become responsible adults and productive citizens.

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