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Laura Lenz
Laura LenzMedical Careers Pathways Coordinator
[email protected]
Medical Careers Pathways
c/o Novato High School
625 Arthur Street
Novato, CA 94947


Medical Careers Pathway will meet the day before school begins on Wednesday August 16 at 1:00-2:30pm in Room 3101.  Email Laura Lenz—[email protected]

Click on the Link Below (August 16 MCP LL) for all of the IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!!


About The Program

Students who join the Medical Careers Pathway will take four years of classes that incorporate specific knowledge, language, and skills to build the solid academic and practical background necessary to successfully pursue a career in all of the medical career fields. Because upper division students take classes at the College of Marin (COM), students can earn Certificates of Completion in medical assisting. Teachers teaching the cohort will also serve as mentors as students take challenging college courses and navigate real world internships.

A four year academic plan designed to prepare students for the rigors of science and health studies necessary for successful medical careers.
Now is the time to start YOUR focused education!
Beginning Fall 2017!
Use your time in high school advantageously by taking specific classes here at Novato High and at the College of Marin to gain knowledge and earn college credit.
You could earn up to 18 units of college credit —tuition free

Pathway Overview

Beginning in the 9th grade,

students will take the Introduction to Medical Careers class and Biology together. As part of the Intro class mentorship component, students will participate in a variety of medical experiences including guest speakers, projects and field trips.

In the 10th grade,

students will take Chemistry and the COM class Introduction to Kinesiology on the NHS. Campus.

In the 11th grade,

students will begin to specialize, given their interests. Student schedules will be set to allow them to access COM classes like medical assisting and dental assisting as well as physiology and physics at NHS.

In the 12th grade,

students are encouraged to take Advanced Placement classes in the sciences and math as well as COM classes.

Medical Careers Pathway Course Schedule

Why Choose Medical Pathways?

The medical field continues to be one of the fastest growing industries in the 21st century.

Successful candidates applying to post secondary programs have sustained study and practice in the sciences, math, and the humanities as well as internship experiences.

It is these factors that led Novato High to design and implement the Medical Careers Pathway @ NHS. We are excited to offer this four year Pathway in 2017, beginning with the Class of 2021. The initial cohort is 25 students.

Career Profiles Report: Medical Careers

Ready To Apply?

Please download the application below and returned a signed completed copy by April 7th to:

Laura Lenz: Medical Careers Pathways
c/o Novato High School
625 Arthur Street Novato, CA 94947

Health Careers Pathway Application

Want More Information?

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