Novato High School AP Program

  • Novato’s Advanced Placement Program is developed to challenge and prepare a student for college-level courses. We at Novato believe in our students and the value of higher education. That is why we are committed to providing AP opportunities in a variety of subjects to expand horizons of our students and to provide them with an opportunity to earn college credit while in high school.

Read more about Advanced Placement on the College Board Website

AP Courses Offered at Novato High School

Summer Assignments

Please click on the Course Title to visit the website and/or view the course’s Summer Assignments.

  • AP 3-D Art

  • AP Art 2-D

  • AP Music Theory
  • AP Art History

Benefits of Taking AP Classes

  • AP courses prepare student for college work
  • Likelihood of acceptance into a college or university are greatly improved
  • AP courses are a good investment. By taking and passing an AP test, students earn college credit and save thousands of dollars. They also become eligible for Scholar Awards.
  • Students become critical thinkers and become comfortable at college level work.
  • Multiple AP classes at NHS increase options and time to take additional college courses and/or a double major

Interested in Taking AP Courses?

There’s some important information all students should know before signing up for an A.P. Course at Novato High School.  Beneath are some guidelines for success and policies which may impact your choice

  • AP Courses are taught at a higher academic level that traditional courses
  • AP Courses generally have a higher workload than traditional courses
  • All students who take an AP Course at Novato High School are expected to take the AP Exam for that course
  • Students cannot change out of an AP course after the first 10 days of school
  • Some Universities do not accept AP Credits (the maximum AP courses that the UC system will accept is 4)
  • There is a fee waiver available for students who want to take the AP Exam but may not have access to funds.

Learn more about taking the exam and view deadlines and other important dates!

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