The Campus Improvement Committee is a group of parents and students dedicated to making the campus a more inviting place.
Our first workday was the Saturday before school started. We planted the beautiful flowers in front of the NHS sign, re-painted yellow stripes on the stairs to keep students safe, sanded, primed and painted a number of benches, cut back the hedges in front of the school, power-washed gum off some of the sidewalks and weeded a number of beds.

Subsequent workdays included hanging bulletin boards and gardening. Our committee was the recipient of the Fund a Need funds at the Black and Gold Gala this year. Because of this support for the school’s campus improvement efforts, we were able to purchase more picnic tables and dent-proof bird-proof trash cans.

We will be having additional workdays this year to complete some projects. We invite you to support these projects with either your time or money.

If you have any questions or would like to join our committee, please email Kirsten Omholt at [email protected] or Sheryl Denker at [email protected].

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