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CCRC Services

more about the ccrc programs coming soon

How To Prepare For College

A step by step plan for what to do each year at NHS in order to put together a competitive college portfolio

Senior Profile

Your guide for helping teachers, staff, and other advocates to write amazing letters of recommendation, and gathering information for scholarships

10,000 Degrees

Our community partnership with the 10,000 Degrees Initiative, connecting students with superb college counseling and scholarship resources

Community Service

Important forms, opportunities, and other information about completing Community Service Hours at NHS

College Admission Costs

Tools for estimating the cost of admission and the availability of scholarships, loans, and grants


Information and important dates about tests including SAT, ACT, and more!


The computerized district database for accessing student transcripts and personalized college advising resources

Student Internships

Opportunities for students to participate in internship experiences

This is an example of a testimonial
Jane Doe, Class of 2009
here is another example of what a testimonial looks like
John Smith, Class of 2011

Work Permits

Job postings and paperwork for students who are looking to work during their tenure at NHS

Tutoring Services

For students looking to improve their grades and school performance

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