Orientation Forms Online: ChalkSchools Pilot

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In 2017, NUSD in partnership with Novato High School decided to pilot a new online forms system.   This new service is provided by Chalkschools, a company which specializes in helping schools digitize and streamline paperwork for increased productivity and green initiatives!

Goal 1

Save Parents Time

Goal 1

Online Registration with Chalkschools will be delivered directly to your email, with many fields pre-filled for your student minimizing the amount of time spent filling out forms.

Goal 2

Save School Resources

Goal 2

Parents can update Aeries and sign forms from any mobile device or computer, ensuring data integrity for the thousands of completed forms which are updated at the beginning of every school year.

Goal 3

Go Green

Goal 3

Saving money on ink and paper is only the start.  Going digital saves trees and helps to reduce the environmental impact by keeping sensitive data out of the shredders and secure in our online database from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Try checking your “Spam” or “Junk” folders.  Sometimes email providers incorrectly will flag these forms as “junk”

If you still can’t locate your email, please feel free to visit or call the main office to request a physical copy of the form.

Chalk Schools is a company whose digital solutions support their mission to improve school district performance through operational excellence. Their solutions enable school and district administrators to operate more efficiently and gain insight into how resources are being allocated throughout their districts. Today, they help thousands of school district staff, teachers and administrators to increase productivity, improve collaboration, gain visibility, and reduce time spent on routine paperwork in order to ensure fair and equitable use of resources both inside and outside of the classroom.

READ MORE about how Chalkschools helped a Santa Monica school district, Randolph Fields, with streamlining their registration online, a project similar to Novato High School’s Online Orientation Packet.

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