Education Service Newsletter:

In August 2017, the Novato Unified School District launched the One to World Initiative. This one-to-one device program provided every student in the fifth, sixth, and ninth grade with a Chromebook to use in school as well as at home. This is the first of a three-year rollout plan where Chromebooks will be placed in the hands of all 3rd through 12th graders by 2020.

As the Chromebook roll out expands, digital citizenship education has become a priority focus both in our classrooms and our community. NUSD has adopted Common Sense Media’s educational curriculum to address online citizenship and safety. These lessons are designed to empower students to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world. From lesson plans, videos, student interactives, and assessments, to professional learning and family outreach materials, Common Sense Media Curriculum provides a whole-community approach to digital citizenship. (Common Sense, 2018)

In addition to in-class lessons, each monthly Education Services Newsletter will include information to help families and community members support our youth in utilizing technology in a responsible and impactful way. Topics will vary from Privacy and Internet Safety to Screen Time Guidelines. The Common Sense website has a wealth of information and resources for students, educators, guardians, and community members. Click on the video to learn 5 Internet Safety Tips for Kids.

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