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Novato Community Hospital Orthopedic Department 
Athletic Training Program
Mission Statement

In a dedicated effort to continue serving our community, the Novato Community Hospital in collaboration with the Orthopedic Department and in partnership with Novato Unified School District will position Certified Athletic Trainers at local high schools, to oversee the health and safety of the student-athletes.

These Certified Athletic Trainers are healthcare professionals that are educated and experienced in the evaluation and management of athletic injuries.

The Athletic Trainers will also work in conjunction with Coaches, Athletic Administrators, treating Physicians and Therapists to help ensure the care of the student-athletes.

The Novato Community Hospital’s Athletic Trainer Program will work toward the goal of injury prevention in an effort to enhance the student-athlete experience and expand good practices into their lifelong health and well-being.

Steve DeHart
Steve DeHartAthletic Trainer; ITAT
Steve brings 18 years of athletic training experience from all levels including professional, Division I, Junior College, High School, and Private Clinic. Trainer Steve supervises all home games and high-impact practices, such as football, lacrosse and more. Don’t hesitate to contact Steve if you have any sports medicine-related questions. (415) 328-1778 or [email protected] or [email protected]
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