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Novato High Main Directory Numbers

Novato High Office Numbers

General Numbers For Contacting Novato High School

Main Office Line: (415)898-2125

Novato Highschool: Main Office Ofline

to reach administrators or main office staff

Main Office



Matt Baldwin
Matt BaldwinPrincipal

Raised in Ventura, CA, Mr. Baldwin earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Sonoma State University. He began his teaching career as a European History teacher at Calabasas High School. Moving to Westlake High School, Mr. Baldwin taught AP United States History for seven years, and was the History department chair.

In 2007, he earned his Masters of Education in Educational Administration and Administrative Services credential from California State University, Northridge. He has served as a teacher, department chair, secondary RTI leader, Assistant Principal, and now Principal in his 12 year career.

Mr. Baldwin, along with his wife Risela, and daughters Isabella and Siena, reside in San Francisco. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, water sports, hiking, golfing, reading, and enjoying the beautiful Bay area with his family.

Mr. Baldwin is very fortunate to be working with such an extremely talented staff at Novato High School, and looks forward to enhancing this great educational community while working toward producing 21st Century learners in this ever-changing global community.

Jennifer Nickl
Jennifer NicklAssistant Principal

Jennifer Nickl joins the Novato High School administrative team after 20 years as an English and Social Studies classroom teacher and serving as a teacher leader with beginning teachers, in implementing Common Core standards, and serving in a variety of instructional and curricular roles at the school and District level. She participated in curriculum design workshops through the Office of the President at UC Berkeley, attended Model School Conferences, represented teachers on strategic planning committees, and designed year-long District-wide Common Core professional development. Jennifer has worked on committees to revise courses of study, adopt new textbooks, and create assessment rubrics. She also served as a member of the collective bargaining team and as the President of the 300 member Acalanes Education Association.

She earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Economics from UC Davis and a Masters of Arts in English Composition from San Francisco State University.

Tiffany Benson
Tiffany BensonAssistant Principal

Tiffany Benson is an experienced curriculum developer, program coordinator and Nationally Board Certified teacher who is excited to be joining the Novato High School team. After completing her undergraduate work in Political Science at the University of Wisconsin, Benson spent time in Washington, DC working for Henry Kissinger. Benson then redirected her career towards education, completing her Masters of Education at DePaul University. She has taught at St. Petersburg State University in Russia, Stanford University and Bay Area high schools for 9 years.

Coming from a family of artists, Ms. Benson is thrilled to be overseeing the Marin School of the Arts. Being around such talented students and artists is a constant inspiration. When she is not supporting student performances or working with teachers, she spends her time traveling and playing with her dogs.

Greg Fister
Greg Fister Assistant Principal
[email protected]

Greg is an experienced educator who worked as a teacher in Vallejo for 7 years and was the Varsity soccer coach (Boys & Girls) at Vallejo High School for 5 years. Greg has been the Varsity Cross Country coach at Clayton Valley Charter High School and before that held the same position at Vallejo High. In the last 6 years he has served in a variety of roles, was the inaugural Athletic Director at Clayton Valley Charter and spent the last 3 school years as Dean of Students.

At Novato High School, Greg will be overseeing Athletics, Discipline, Attendance, ASB Leadership, Saturday Academy, Registration 2017-18, Graduation, the School Site Plan, Operations, Facilities, Technology, the School Website, the Emergency Plan, the School Site Council, Sports Boosters, serve on the District Leadership Team and attend PTSA meetings. Greg earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Science from Sonoma State University and then his Master’s Degree of Arts in Education.

Office Staff and Athletic Director

Valerie Hill
Valerie HillLibrarian
EXT 5008
Gayle McCoy
Gayle McCoyBusiness Manager
EXT 5011
Nolan Godfrey
Nolan GodfreyAthletic Director
[email protected]
Steve DeHart
Steve DeHartAthletic Trainer
[email protected];
[email protected]
Rosemary BorregoRegistrar (Email [email protected])
[email protected]
Laura Gregg
Laura GreggAttendance (L-Z)
415 897 6204 or EXT 5014
[email protected]
Rhian Robinson
Rhian RobinsonMSA Office Manager
EXT 5063
[email protected]
Cinthia Angelicola
Cinthia AngelicolaCommunity Liaison/Enlace Comunitario (EN ESPANOL)
798-5370 or EXT 5370
[email protected]

Counseling Staff

Debra Hagan, Ext. 5016
Debra Hagan, Ext. 5016
Gustavo Shinzato, Ext. 5017
Gustavo Shinzato, Ext. 5017
Nonie Reyes, Ext. 5020
Nonie Reyes, Ext. 5020
Lucy Lucchesi, Ext. 5034
Lucy Lucchesi, Ext. 5034
Marie McMahon, Ext. 5022
Marie McMahon, Ext. 5022[email protected]

Math Department

Mary Christensen
Mary ChristensenMath Teacher
Visit Website
K. Starr Emana
K. Starr Emana
[email protected]
Visit Website
Linda Mathies
Linda MathiesTeacher
Visit Website
Bradley May
Bradley May
[email protected]
Visit Website
Lynn Pardo
Lynn PardoMath teacher
Visit Website
Marti Scheer
Marti ScheerMath Teacher
Tina Schumikowski
Tina SchumikowskiMath teacher
Visit Website
Lina A.
Lina A. Math Teacher
Victoria Suzy ShepardMath Teacher

Science Department

Doug Addis
Doug AddisScience Teacher
Visit Website
Glenn Corey
Glenn CoreyScience teacher
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Visit Programming 1 Website
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Laura Lenz
Laura LenzScience Teacher
[email protected]
Jon Dick
Jon DickScience Teacher
[email protected]
Michele Sanner
Michele SannerChemistry, Link Crew
Visit Website
Aaron Fix
Aaron FixScience teacher
Ben Knudson
Ben KnudsonScience Teacher
Visit Website
Justin Louie
Justin LouieScience Teacher
Visit Website
Javier Ordonez
Javier OrdonezScience Teacher
Hank SeeleyPhysics Teacher

Social Studies Department

Connor Callahan
Connor CallahanSocial Studies teacher
Casimir Adler-Ivanbrook
Casimir Adler-Ivanbrook
Danny Kambur
Danny KamburSocial Studies Teacher
Sean Kelsey
Sean KelseySocial Studies, AVID teacher
Alexandria Kinnee
Alexandria KinneeSocial Studies Teacher
Tim Mahoney
Tim MahoneySocial Studies Teacher
Josh Rosenberg
Josh RosenbergSocial Studies Teacher
Jason Searle
Jason SearleSocial Studies Department Chair, Varsity Football Coach
Evan Underwood-Jett
Evan Underwood-Jett Social Studies Teacher

Special Education

Richard Lenzo
Richard Lenzo
Maria Romero
Maria Romero
Arezu Iranipour
Arezu Iranipour
Carlos Moreno
Carlos Moreno

Physical Education

Michael Chole
Michael CholePE Department Chair, PE Teacher, Boys Golf coach (Spring)
Bruce Ferrigno
Bruce FerrignoPE Teacher, Freshmen Football Coach
Kevin Keenan
Kevin KeenanPE Teacher
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Dusty Roady
Dusty Roady

English Department

Laura Caldwell
Laura CaldwellEnglish Teacher
Christina Corsetti
Christina CorsettiEnglish teacher
Visit Website
Martha Fine
Martha FineEnglish Teacher
Kathryn Korff
Kathryn KorffEnglish Teacher
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Visit Futures Website
Christina Lee
Christina LeeEnglish Teacher
Susan LehmanEnglish Teacher
Visit Website
Joanie Leith
Joanie LeithEnglish Teacher
Nancy Overson
Nancy OversonEnglish teacher
Mike Taber
Mike Taber English Teacher
Visit Website
Laura Roberts
Laura RobertsEnglish Teacher
Nicole Slavin
Nicole SlavinEnglish Teacher
Visit Website
Christie Wright
Christie WrightEnglish Teacher
[email protected]

Foreign Language

Claudia Coconubo
Claudia CoconuboWorld Languages Teacher
Monserrat Garcia
Monserrat GarciaWorld Languages Teacher
Deborah Levin
Deborah LevinWorld Languages Teacher
Randall Soliz
Randall SolizWorld Languages Teacher
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Nicholas Blechman
Nicholas BlechmanSpanish Teacher


Richard Muench
Richard Muench ROTC Teacher
Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Visit Website

Fine Arts

Rodney Franz
Rodney Franz
Taylor Mancini
Taylor Mancini
Howard Gersh
Howard GershDigital Arts teacher
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson
Stevie Greenwell
Stevie Greenwell
Roxanna Leiva
Roxanna Leiva
Sabrina Kalleen
Sabrina Kalleen[email protected]
Janelle Mitnick
Janelle Mitnick
Peter Ornstein
Peter Ornstein
Ricarda Eggert
Ricarda Eggert Teacher


Jennifer Russell
Jennifer Russell
Visit Website
Stephanie Searle
Stephanie SearleHealth Teacher, ASB Leadership Director

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