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Novato High School Sports Boosters Club 2016-17


  • The cost of running the NHS Athletics Program is well over $400,000 a year!
  • Due to past budget cuts the support provided by the school district is limited to providing facilities and paying head coaches.
  • All other operating costs, including but not limited to, uniforms, athletic equipment, training equipment, transportation, first aid supplies and tournament fees are the direct responsibility of each individual sports program.

It is because of this that the role NHS Sports Boosters plays at Novato High School is far different from most other “Booster” organizations. Without the support that you provide through your Novato High School Sports Boosters Membership, the Athletics Program would quite simply not exist.

Q. How does my Sports Boosters Membership support my student-athletes teams?
A. Your membership consists of two separate parts.

The first part is the “NHSSB Membership Fee”. These fees combined with our fundraising efforts have made it possible for Boosters to spend more than $100,000 on the following items:

  • Annual College Scholarship for NHS Student Athletes
  • Main gym foyer Improvements
  • Football field Snack shack maintenance
  • School wide improvements on campus, including new marquee and garbage cans
  • Providing liability insurance for team fundraising events.
  • Maintaining a non-profit corporation so that your donations may be tax-deductible.
  • Purchasing items for Coaches “Wish Lists”.
  • Emergency funds for unforseeable team expenses.
  • Low cost physicals for all student athletes

The second part is a “Athletics Program Participation Donation”. 100% of this donation goes directly to the Sports Program(s) that you identify for the coaches to apply towards the teams budget.


Q.  Who determines how money is spent within a certain sports program?
A. The Varsity Head coach authorizes all expenses paid from a sports programs account for all levels (Varsity, JV, and Frosh) with oversight by the Athletic Director and/or Assistant Principal responsible for the athletics program.


Q. Why does my student-athletes team hold additional fundraisers and/or ask for additional donations?
A. Remember that the “Athletics Program Participation Donation” is the minimum amount required to run your team. Some sports cost more than others, and you may be surprised at how much it costs to run some sports. Volleyball and Wrestling, for example, require participation in tournaments which cost about $400 on average to attend.

Q. My student-athlete has competed in youth sports for many years and their registration fees are considerably higher than the amount you are asking for – and they have have fewer practices and games. Why is the NHS Athletics Program cost so much less than those teams?
A. The Novato Unified School District subsidizes the cost of running the athletics program by covering the costs of coaches and facilities.
Q. How can I help?
A. There are several ways to help. The most important of which is to join NHS Sports Boosters. In addition we are always in need of volunteers to help with a myriad of projects that come up on a regular basis.
Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions or would like to inquire about volunteer opportunities by clicking one of the links below.
 General Questions/Volunteer, please email President Denise McIntyre– [email protected]
Thank you for your support!